Nilepet tells NGOs to import fuel

The Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet), the sole importer of fuel in the country has issued a notice directing all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to import their own fuel or contract private companies that hold legal import documents.

A statement released by Nilepet says the fuel it imports is heavily subsidized by the government and is meant for public consumption.

The notice also stated that any NGO that purchase fuel from a private company should request for an import document from the seller.

Nilepet warns that any fuel that is purchased from a private company that has no import document shall be confiscated by the law enforcement agencies.

According to the notice,  all government institutions shall be served at the TRUST petrol station at Mauna, West of the National Legislative Assembly.

Nilepet says all government vehicles from the Presidency, Ministries and Commissions shall fuel at their designated fuel stations.

The notice says all government institutions are required to submit lists of their vehicles to Nile Petroleum Corporation and they shall be clustered and served on different days.

Last month Nilepet issued an order introducing coupons for vehicle owners to be getting fuel from the fuel stations.

By Morris Dogga

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