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Nilepet team visits Palouch

The Managing Director of Nilepet, James Thelweng has put in place a number of activities to boost the oil production and supply in the country after taking over the helm of the company.

Although there is still scarcity of fuel and distribution across the country, the world market is equally not in favor and the country has to do with the little it has under the current economic situation.

One of his latest activities was the visit to Palouch where his team was welcomed by Emmanuel Lual Mabior, Environmental Supervisor DPOC, who briefed them on environmental measures and hazards in the area.

He mentioned three important hazards. The first is Biological hazards such as scorpions, snakes and other harmful insects. Second is a chemical hazard in OPC which is dangerous for human health. The third is physical hazards such as potholes, electric wires. Mr. Lual also urged people to avoid using cell phones due to high concentration of radiation in the area, but he said that there are medical personnel who can attend to people in case of emergency.

Mr. Lual added that safety is very important to everybody.

There are four camps Adar, Gumri, Moleta and Palouch. All these places are safe and secure at the time of visit. After the environmental briefing, the visitors headed by the Nilepet new Managing Director, James Thelweng proceeded to the oil refinery to acquaint him with the oil process.

The team toured the field and received briefing from different departments in the refinery. The MD also visited Palouch Friendship hospital and was briefed by Dr. Amal Peter who mentioned several challenges facing the hospital. She said the capacity of the hospital is smaller than the number of patients, maternity facilities are not enough especially the delivery tables adding that the pediatric facilities are not adequate.

Thelweng assured the hospital personnel that Nilepet can do what is required for the hospital to improve its condition. (Pic p8)

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