Nile Basin celebrates its Day in Juba

By John Agok

The South Sudan Nile Basin Discourse Forum (SSNBDF) on Friday in Juba celebrated its day under the theme:“Rethinking Regional Investment in the Nile basin.”

One of the civil society organizations which is Nile Basin drew participants from government institutions, academia and other civil society organizations turned up to witness the celebration.

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation Mr. Emanuel Promeners acknowledged that, it is the mandate of the government to make alignment of water sectors in transforming the economy through investment.

He urged institution to train Human Resources on water management system.

“It is our development partners on water sectors to cooperate with government and improve the livelihoods of the people through investing in water sector and outline proper water management system,” he said.

Mr. Promeners leveled the issue of Nile Basin Initiative since its establishment in 1999 to be politically motivated by conflict of interest, where some countries like Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, DRC, Uganda and so forth are in loggerheads because of who is to manage the Nile water.

He cautioned City Council to monitor the usage of Nile water since foreigners are overcharging the prices of water in Juba.

“You can see how prices of water tanks in Juba are skyrocketing by foreign nationals and this need attention of city council to monitor and curtail it exorbitant prices to Juba residents,” he added.

Peter Mawa, chairman of Nile Basin echoed commitment from all sectors in both government, academia and CSO to invest into the country’s water sector to improve the scarcity of water in rural areas.

“Women from rural areas are really suffering from fetching clean drinking water from far distance. However, we called on investors to provide enough water points across the country,” he said.

South Sudan Nile Basin Discourse Forum is one of the Civil Society Organizations that has operated for eleven years in the country and networking with other regional countries including Egypt, Congo,Eritrea,Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. These NBDFs, which reflect a very broad society across the basin.

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