Night discos harmful to school girls

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry 

Night discos operated atrefugeecamps in Uganda have negatively affected many South Sudanese school girls resulting drop-out andearly pregnancies.

Alex Mawa, the Refugees Welfare Officer (RWO) for Rhino Refugee Camp said disco halls owners have continued to operate discos which had contributed to high rate of school dropout among refugee girls and cutting them short of their education process.

Mr.Mawa added that most of the teenagerswho got pregnant during the lockdown have expressed worry should the schools resume on the first week of March.

Mr.Mawa said night discos isone of the main factorscrippling the future of the young girls.

“Mostly, when parents enter inside reaching mid-night one hears loud volume of the speakers raised when they have mobilized the young girls,” Mr.Mawa said.

He said night discos are a risk which causes more sexual violence that is happening in the refugee camps.

The leaders said as refugees, they would sensitize the disco owners to use those halls only for football.

Mr.Mawastated that during the lockdown it has been hard since they could not access the young girls to talk to them.

He added that things are restricted and there is no funding to allow the partners to support the girls.

Mr.Mawa urged the parents not to forget parenting and giving advice to their daughters at all times saying without their support they could be misled in the community.

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