Nickey Jay, the dancehall dracaena’s inspiring rise to stardom

By John Agok

 Bounded and punctuated by tradition, but with the willpower to soar, Nickey Jay alas Jennifer (Real name withheld due to the sensitivity of the matter) one of the daughters of the top presidential advisor and a former minister.

Nickey jay was spotted by Juba Monitor during her performance over the Monday Easter party in Juba and she shared her cons and pros in the music industry.

In the Republic of South Sudan, a nascent nation that just gained its independence a decade ago is marred by conflicts, corruption, tribalism etcetera.

Old traditions that have been erased in the contemporary world are imposed and still practiced by the young generation. The maxim touted by  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” confirms the hurdles Nickey Jay had to endure including rejection from her father whom she took all her traits with striking similarities in every aspect of her appearance. 

The self-proclaimed dancehall DRAKAINA (female dragon) of modern South Sudan music is fighting hard to conquer the booby traps set forth by her parents and write her name in an industry dominated by men as the Queen of the dancehall.

Nickey Jay the lioness was promised honey and milk as a bargaining chip to lure her into quitting her singing career which later proved futile. Her father, a feared and respected freedom fighter with a history of violence wanted young Jennifer to pursue a more politically-oriented discipline so as to emulate and step in his shoes. However, she chose to follow her instincts and indeed found solace in music.

It’s painful what young minds born to explore the world are subjected to in the context of South Sudan. Coming from a royal background is so demanding and traumatic. Kids are supposed to behave in a certain type of way and pursue careers deemed suitable to their parents. Even in marriage, girls are booked as toddlers and married off to a suitor not necessarily of their choice.

Nickey is caught in rock bottoms. Her meager income from shows is a pity in an industry that’s undergoing metamorphosis. She’s left to wonder in solitude as she prays for divine intervention. Her Majesty Nickey Jay is the key that’s going to open her portal to greatness. All hail to the queen.


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