Cover Story


By Kidega Livinstone 

National Non-Governmental Organizations (NNGOs) working on women programmes have been urged to stop creation of awareness and begin implementing concrete action plans to empower women.

Speakiing during the women’s Day Celebration by Titi Foundation at the NGO forum office yesterday, Gloria Modong said that time has come to move from creating awareness to giving training to the women in business in order to empower them.

A group of women also showcased multiple products they with support fromm Titi Foundation.

Ms. Modong said women are tied by strong bonds of culture and religions which make them believe that they are made only tohandle household chores and taking responsibility of home and family yet theycan be productive.

Titifoundation expresses huge sentiment about the power of women, “we believe that this is the start of findinga common and collective action and sharing responsibility fir driving gender parity,’ Ms. Modong said. “Women shouldidentify their strengthand abilities and move forward a world of empowerment.”

Titi foundation is empowering women by training them in making bread, local bags, liquid soap, bed covers and other items to earn them a living.

According to Modong, women should be encouraged to step-up with confidence that they are competent and talented beyond their male counterparts rather than talking about awareness creation every day.

“We encourage individuals and organizations to be bold for change by talking actions that truly drive change for women and remain committed to acknowledging their responsibility to do what they can do best.” she added.

On her part, Media Development  officer at Association  for Development in South Sudan at Journalists for Human Rights, Irene Ayaa said AMDISS started advocating for women because women programs are rare in most of the media house especially in South Sudan. “Our purpose in Journalists to point at the women activities in the media, that is why people did not know that women matters,” said Ayaa.

She stressed that women are more hard-working than men because most activities are done by women.

The Country Director of Save the Children, Deirdre Keogy said they will continue to support National Non Governmental organizations empowering women because Save the Children came to work for the rights of women and children in this county.

Meanwhile Assistant Desk Officer for Development and human Assistance at German Embassy, Racheal Yiba Tomor said that they came together to do something for the women because they seem to have been neglected by the government.

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