The issues of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) employing foreigners instead of the locals have been in the public domain far too long,it is time action should be taken and sanity brought forward. Both the government and the NGOs forum have a blueprint to guide them in employment matters. There are those categories that must be occupied by aliens and those which should be reserved for indigenous citizens. Actually, this practice is not only witnessed in the NGOs sector but even in the hospitality industry. Two issues can be advanced as the main cause of the oversight in employment. There are some senior people who will always bulldoze their ways to have their own kith and kin or preferred relatives employed at all costs while the other reason(s) is the attitude of some locals who want to do things on their own way disobeying or ignoring the management laid down requirements. Indeed, some profit-making institutions are left to do very little in this direction. Whatever it takes, the locals must be given priority within their preserved slots without discrimination. This kind of outcry has been witnessed in the oil production sector, meaning few institutions are following the required labor laws of the country. Time is now that serious consideration be put in human training in all sectors of the economic growth to produce management skills that could steer the country towards economic growth. The external employment influence where unqualified are being forced into institutions must be stopped because there are so many graduates outside roaming the streets without jobs. Some of the negative attitudes could also be lined up by in-house and external training of willing employees. This would soon make it easier for qualified man-power to be produced in these demanding areas with some of them ending up being job creators instead of being employed. But for those NGOs and other institutions that are discriminating the locals, they should be told to stop the behaviours.

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