NGOs accused of employing aliens

By Baraka John

The Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sports in Western Equatoria State accused NGOs of employing foreigners as manpower to serve in positions that could be held by South Sudanese youth and urged them to refrain from this act.

James Severino, the State Minister of Youth, Culture, and sports in Western Equatoria said foreigners are being hired by some NGOs and UN agencies to fill job positions that do not require experts from foreign lands or from other States in the Country.

Minister Severino said that to avoid tension among youths over job positions, the available NGOs and UN agencies should decentralize for the youths in Western Equatoria to have job opportunities.

“It is very unfortunate that some of the NGOs are importing foreigners to positions that could be filled by the nationals. For instance, you cannot import foreigners or people from other States in the Country to work in Yambio in the positions of cleaners, drivers, or assistants or any position, because our youths here are experienced drivers, we have cleaners and some of our young people have academic qualifications with experiences. So if you are advertising for these positions, they should be for the locals not even nationals”. Minister Severino urged  

Minister Severino reminded NGOs and UN agencies to specify in their job advertisements positions that require only nationals and those that require locals citing this is one of the factors forcing youth to rise up against biasness by some NGOs.

The State Minister of Youth, Culture, and sports has also warned youths against nepotism which he said exists in some NGOs in the State.

“You can see if an organization is headed by a person from Zande tribe, Madi or Dinka, three-quarters of the workforce there will be from the same tribe. Let’s change our attitudes and behave as youths to put things on right track”. Severino stated

The minister was addressing the opening of a three-day dialogue on humanitarian interference on Thursday conducted by Impact relief and development organization, a national NGO. 

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