NGO urges drivers and passengers to embrace peace

By Yiep joseph

Care Development Organization South Sudan (CDOSS) sensitized and urged the public transport drivers to embrace peace between themselves, passengers and the traffic officials as an effort in bringing lasting peace among citizens in South Sudan.

In a peace campaign carried out in customs, Muniki and Gudele parks to sensitize drivers about International Peace Day yesterday, Garang John Stephen the Executive Director for CDOSS explained to the drivers that the international peace day was the day to embrace and preach word of peace among the citizens of South Sudan.

“Our theme of today theme “let us awake and talk to advice ourselves to have everlasting peace in South Sudan “was in line with the theme of International Peace Day which was “Recovering for an Equitable and Sustainable Peace in The World,” all of them focused on bringing everlasting peace in the world. I therefore called on all the drivers to love each other, love their passengers, traffic officials and their families in order to coexist peacefully” Stephen said.

He added that peace among drivers and park officials was important in bringing peace to the whole park and the country at large

He urged the drivers to engage in preaching peace to their family members as the beginning of peace and later extend to the neighbors 

Garang called on the south Sudanese to always settle issues in their families and places of work through dialogue and avoid any thing that may lead to violence.

He appealed to the drivers that his organization was ready to preach word of peace to drivers in the main parks of Juba

He added that peace was paramount for peaceful coexistence between the drivers and their passengers

“It will be our pleasure to see drivers working hand in hand with their passengers and the traffic officials” he said.

However, Liberty Isoban Ladu, head of drivers in Custom Park mentioned that drivers faced a lot of difficulties ranging from passengers who wanted to be transported without payment and disturbance from traffic officials.

He called on the drivers in custom bus park to relate well with their passengers. He cited that without passengers who were the customs there would be no drivers.

“We need to love ourselves, use good language between us and our customers” Ladu said

He added that peace needed everyone to be happy towards one another at work and even at home.

Ladu called on the government and traffic officials specifically to cooperate with drivers in any situation.

Meanwhile Joseph Aloro Charles, a driver in custom market also appealed to the passengers to always give the little they had before they enter any car in order to reduce conflict between the drivers and passengers pertaining transport fee.

He mentioned that for everlasting peace to come to South Sudan there was need for everyone to be involved.

Peace needed all of us to love each other, peace needed men women, children, and elders to take part” Aloro said.

Victoria Juma a passenger in Gudele elaborated that the relationship between the drivers and passengers had been good. She added that the park had made transport to the other parts of Juba easy.

“We were not having any park near us by then since this park was brought to us here it has reduced cost of transport we no longer use boda boda but we use cars which are cheap compared to the boda boda” Victoria said.

She appreciated the Care Development Organization for bringing peace messages up to the park regardless of long distances.

Emmanuel Jenasio Awad, a driver in Gudele, elaborated that drivers were ready to preach peace regardless of the difficulties faced.

Our park had many problems, for example we lack washing containers to help in preventing Corona virus among other gadgets that could help in drivers’ safety.

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