NGO launches women land rights forum in Jebel Dinka

A group of women in Jebel Dinka and WFH team

By Yiep Joseph

Women Foundation for Humanity (WFH) yesterday launched a women’s land rights forum in Jebel Dinka as a move to engage and alert women on their land rights.

During the event organized yesterday by WFH with support from Greater Equatoria Land Alliance, a team of change agents comprised of 20 members was formed and tasked with the responsibility to organize and create a necessary awareness regarding women’s land rights in the area.

In her address,the Executive Director WFH Drabuga Dorothy mentioned that most women are denied land rights but remain silent due to lack of necessary information concerning their land rights.

“Today we are in Jebel Dinka to form a community women land rights forum, a group to fight for women land rights,” Dorothy said.

“Most of the women in South Sudan and Jebel Dinka, in particular, are denied land rights, therefore, we are forming this group today to act as changed agents and this forum will help us to know our rights denied and how to claim them” she said.

She added that women are denied their Constitutional rights to own land in case their husbands die.

“These group of 20 women formed today will act as changed agents, they will conduct meetings aim at creating a complete awareness among women in Jebel Dinka so that they can know their rights ownership over properties in their families,” she said

“WFH also focused on women empowerment and helps women with money to follow their land cases in the court” she added.

Dorothy urged the women to air out their problems in relation to land, citing that WFH is ready to help where necessary.

She added that this year, the organization is going to form four groups in four different locations, which is Gudele, Nyankuron West, Goroyo and Jebel Dinka.

Jesinta Waku, the Chairperson of the women’s land right Forum in Jebel Dinka called on the organization to empower women in terms of money in order to help themselves and their children.

Mary MahammadApru reaffirmed women’s commitment in claiming their land rights.

“We, as women are ready to follow and demand for rights either in positions in the government or to own properties only that we lack awareness and money” she said.

Women Foundation for Humanity is a Non-governmental Organization that focuses on women empowerment.

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