NGO Launches HIV/AIDs health awareness campaign in Magala

CCHAO team posed for a group photo with IDPs after the campaign

By Yiep Joseph

Concern Citizen Health Awareness Organization launched HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Magala Internal Displaced Camp as a move to create health awareness among Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs)

The campaign brought together almost 100Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs)to Magala health unite premises. Concern Citizens Health Awareness Organization (CCHAO) is a community-based organization aimed at improving health services among communities and the citizens through awareness and provision of essential health services.

In the remark yesterday during the training, DhieuMalual Dengfounder of CCHAO said the main aim of the campaign is to create awareness to the IDPs on necessary HIV/AIDS preventive measures in order to help them protect themselves.

“We are here to train you so that you know what causes HIV/AIDS and how you can protect yourself to be safe and live a healthy life,” Dhieu said.

He urged the IDPs to maintain hygiene in the area in order to prevent other diseases like cholera.

Dhieu called on the donors and the well-wishers to help the Organization in order to extend health services to the communities.

“We have no funds but we are trying with the little we have to deliver what we can manage to our people because health is paramount and therefore, I am calling on donors and the well-wishers to extend support to us in order to provide more health programs to our people” he appealed.

Meanwhile, the camp health CoordinatorAbot Samson urged organizations to extend a lot of health services to the IDPs citing that they lack necessary awareness and health facilities.

He remarked that HIV/aids and Hepatitis remained a major challenge to the people in the area.

Abot added that the community is still not aware of the virus, its causes and how they can protect themselves from acquiring the virus.

Meanwhile Chol Monykuer Manyiel one of the presenters cautioned all the IDPs to follow measures such as abstaining from sex until marriage, avoiding sharing of sharp objects and avoiding blood contact in case of an accident and any other cause of blooding.

He added that necessary hygiene and measures be put in place in order to be safe from other diseases.

Chol cautioned the IDPs do not to fear to go for testing citing that HIV/AIDS does not kill in this modern time due to the availability of the drugs (ARVs).

However, Abany Biar Kuei a member of CCHAO called on all the IDPs to at least check and know their health status.

She called on them not worry about the virus but stick to the preventive measures where necessary.

Last week CCHAO trained about 100 youths at Shirakat residential area as a move to create awareness among the youths regards to HIV/AIDS preventive measures.

In the Republic of South Sudan, HIV continues to be a public health priority with estimated prevalence of 2.5% among adults aged 15-49 years (2020 UNAIDS estimates) with 18% of the estimated PLHIV (190,000) on treatment.

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