NGO building children center in the Camp

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

I Can South Sudan, a local NGO is constructing a children’s center in Bidi-Bidi Camp for vocational training.

The construction program is from friends and well-wishers in Germany. The center was to ensure that activities such as singing, dancing, art and drawing, drama and storytelling could take place.

Stephen Wandu Bimo, the founder of I Can South Sudan revealed that the center upon completion will have musical instruments for the children to play and relieve themselves from the situation in the camp.

“It is a center where children will gather regardless of tribe, socialize together and build peace amongst themselves,” Wandu said.

Bimo also added that there were plans to use the center for vocational training like computer skills and other technical know-how.

Currently I Can South Sudan is supporting over fifty children between the age of five to sixteen.

Thousands of South Sudanese children are living in various settlement camps across the East African countries. Kenya and Uganda hosting the largest numbers.

Music, dance and drama are key tools that have been adopted across the world for the promotion of peace, unity, love and harmony amongst different communities.

Children need peace of mind so that they can grow up and become responsible leaders of tomorrow and I can through the center hopes to promote unity and peace in the hearts of the children.

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