It is time newsmakers start getting it right that journalists are human beings and more important in society by informing, educating and entertaining the masses. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity when discharging their work which links the newsmakers to the decision makers and the general public. Journalists report to the invited venues early enough to set their tools of trade ready for the coverage of the expected activities. It is therefore very primitive to tell them to go out after settling in their positions for the event until the expected guest arrived. This is what happened at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development on Thursday when one of the organizer of the event told journalists to leave the premises and only come back in after the Minister who was expected to officiate and who the scribes had been waiting for more than expected, was announced to be walking in the venue. It is difficult to understand who these organizers were, but they must be told that they seriously goofed in their protocol of handling the media personnel. It is on record that even function officiated by the head of states, journalists are always informed to arrive early to take their position of coverage. Why then should a minister be any different from the required and laid down media coverage protocol known to be applied the world-over. This kind of behavior is for the past yester-years which should not be allowed to be repeated in the modern set-up. It is good that the journalists are coming up to unite and tell those ill-treating them that they cannot and will not stomach such behaviours any longer.Their walking out should be warning sign of solidarity which the scribes must uphold all the time. This is what the organizers of the land ministry event and others like them should understand.

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