News Anchor appeals to youth to help each other

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Youths have to support each other for national development, because no one depends entirely on his own, the news anchor of SSBC TV, Ajuo Mareng said.

“No man is an island, we all need one another to develop,” Mareng said exclusively to Juba Monitor on Sunday evening at Nyakuron Cultural Center.

The News Anchor said that he got to where he is because of the support of fellow youth at SSBC TV.

“When I joined news anchoring a year ago, I did not know anything but the youth here supported me, they nurtured and guided me on how to serve my country and this is the spirit the youths need,” he said.

“We need to help each other because you cannot know everything, what you do not know another youth might know.”

Mareng added that some youth when they see others making it in life, they become jealous and wish the worst instead of learning how someone made it in life.

“Some youth are scarifing a lot to make great development in the country, through different youth initiatives, such as businesses and farming. Once they make it, some hate them,” he said.

Mareng added that the youth of South Sudan need team work, support and should love each other.

Comas Wol, a Popcorn seller at Nyakuron said that if youths are able to help each other, a lot of achievements shall be made.

“I burn Popcorns for sell and I have this friend who makes paper bags that I use for packing, this is the kind of support we need as youth,” Comas said.

Awet Paulino runs a charging kiosk which he said was a collective effort by five youth who helped put up the kiosk.


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