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New water purification techniques in Juba

Country Director Mr. Paul Karabreke explains how Water Kit works (photo by Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone 

The Paaneck General Trading Company has brought a new water purification technique called “Water kit” to Juba.

The officials described the technique as “simplest and easy to use” because it requires only two clean buckets, one for dirty water while another bucket will be used for clean water using filtration system.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the exhibition to mark UN day yesterday, Country Director for Paaneck Company Mr. Paul Karabreke explained that the kit used only two buckets that used special filtration.

He said the material used comes from United Nations but the purification was done from South Sudan.

“This is made in South Sudan. The only materials we import are the filters, tubes and nuts but all the process is done here,” said Karabreke.

“I believe after using this technique for some years in South Sudan, cases of diseases caused by bacteria and others will be eradicated because the water was proved to be 99 per cent pure,” he added.

He explained that the technique called water kit can take the duration of 4 to 5 years if the user cleaned the filters after using.

He said there was no need to purify the water using water tablets because the filter would be used as water treatment.

“Just get any water from the road side and use the water kit. After few minutes, you will be able to drink clean water,” he said.

He said the water kit costs between 100-150 USD but the price can be reduced because the technique was still new.

South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda are currently the most consumers of the water kit according to company officials.

However, one of the users Ms. Theresa Poni told this newspaper that “Water Kit” is very good for water purification because the water remained naturally clean without any chemical.

“The drinking water remained naturally clean because the water would be clean by filtering which means the water remained with it nature,” said Poni.




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