New ward opened in Ibaa County

Baraka John

A newly constructed theatre(surgical ward)has been openedon Wednesday in Ibba County of Western Equatoria State.

The construction of the theatre ward was initiated by the community of Ibba Countyin 2019 meantto help the community gets access to better efficient health services, hence reducing the burden of traveling long distance in search of surgical ward. 

The Centre was funded by Action Africa Help -International (AAH-I) and the authorities of Maridi County.

REV. Martin Beeyo, the County health director at Ibba PHCC said the community in the area suffered for many years due to lack of surgical ward at the facility. Rev. Beeyo said the community there used to cover long distancein search of theatre services in Yambio and Maridi County.

“It is a great pleasure for us today as Community of Ibba to come together to celebrate the official opening of Ibba operation theatre for the first time in the history of this County. Our hearts and minds are full of joy to see the developmental progress that was initiated by the community of Ibba looking forward for the future generation to come,” Rev. Beeyo said.

Rev. Beeyo is urging the national Ministry ofHealth to upgrade Ibba PHCC to a County Hospital, saying the population in the area is large.

Ibba Health department existsas a referral center for ten health facilities in the County with a projected population of 67,096 who deserve health services to reach them especially children and pregnant mothers.

The health facility at Ibba was established as dispensary/ dressing unit during the regime of the former president of the republic of Sudan Ibrahim Abud.

The health Director said,“we Ibba County community hasno capacity to train or appoint a doctor to carry out surgeryat the new facility due to lack of resources. So we are appealing to the state and national government and NGOs to continue supporting this health facility to help the poor communities,” he said.

Action Africa Help_ International equipped the new facility with necessary tools needed for the function of the ward.

Agnes Michael, a women chairlady at Ibba County applauded the partners who contributed to the construction of the theatre ward, citing pregnant women Ibba died a lot in the past who wanted to deliver through cesarean.

“We have heartedly remarkable thanks especially for AAH-I authorities with their donors for the support they offered for the benefit of the community of Ibba. Our women will not suffer again to travel outside Ibba because we have our theatre center with a doctor whom AAH-I contracted to work in this facility,”Agnes said.

Dr. Fedrick Khamis whois an official from the National Ministry of Health expressed his ministry’s action plan to restructure health system across the country to enable communities access to quality health services.

Dr. Khamis applauded Ibba community for coming up with the initiativeof the project.

 “I encourage other communities in the country to take example from the community of Ibba County lead their project; this will quickly draw the attention of the government and the NGOs to come to your aid,” Dr. Khamis said.

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