New upcoming media houses in the country

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

In a period of about two years ago, there were only two English and Arabic newspapers operating daily in the country, that is to say Juba Monitor, The Dawn, Al Maugif and Al Watan newspapers. The rest of the Newspapers operated for some months, weeks and then closed down, due to many reasons.

One of them was lack of funds to sustain the papers or it was closed down by government authorities during those years. When the South Sudan Media Authority was established, there were some newspapers suspended, after sometimes, they were re-opened. Each newspaper that was suspended, the management knew the reasons which I cannot tell you, because it was an administrative concern.  

Today, I wrote this story because I am seeing there are newspapers coming up during this time of Coronavirus pandemic and peace period. That is a good move and progress of media industry in South Sudan. If there are many media houses or newspapers coming up, the public will get a lot of information. They will know what is going on in the country. Cases of Coronavirus will be covered widely and information can reach many people with updated messages on daily bases.

Messages about peace will reach the people in the states and other areas beyond the borders. I hope the newspapers that were closed down would re- open so that journalists who are staying jobless get work. May be several of them have no any other business to do apart from the work of journalism. Those newspapers closed, their staff remained idle which made them to have a difficult living. Journalism is a good profession and it has its challenges like any profession, it needs to be understood well by those who committed themselves to do the work.

Otherwise, you may join it today but when you are faced with challenges, then you would think of living the job which cannot help. Many journalists left the work due to threats, harassment and other challenges that they faced.

We journalists need to stand firm in our vocation and do our work professionally. If you are still new in this career, seek advice from the old members, especially in the area of operating in conflict zones.

With this piece of information, I welcome all the new newspapers in the country.

May God bless us all.  

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