New Speaker vow to maintain rule of law

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The new Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) has vowed to maintain rule of Law during his administration.

While assuming the position of speaker on Monday, Ubuch Ujwok Akuo said his leadership is committed to work with all members of parliament for the success and wellbeing of the country.

“I promise to uphold the rule of law, human rights, transparency and accountability in this August House to set a strong sustainable foundation for the coming generation of legislators,” he said.

He said through his leadership, the August House shall endeavor to work hard for peace and security to ensure justice and socioeconomic development to flourish.

He stressed that the current condition of parliament was appalling, and that effort would be exerted to complete the renovation of the parliamentary building.

“There is a difference between being asked to do something and being called to do something, I am called to serve as Speaker with grace and with energy of collective efforts of this August House,”

“Together we shall establish a new beginning, new spirit and new dedication to the people of South Sudan,” Ubuch said.

He said together, South Sudan would renew her purpose and hope to jointly work together to achieve great success.

The speaker stressed that the greatness could only be realized when the South Sudanese mold together in character and boldness to overcome challenges.

“With humility I would have no choice but to take it up to a big job, This August House once known as the best model and deliberative house, together we shall restore its lost image again by setting a new era for the parliament to legislate and supervise the executive as its core mandate,” he said.  

Ubuch said he was ready for the challenge to strive along with colleagues in the parliament to bring back the lost glory, adding South Sudan is a place of opportunities, generous, dynamic and resourceful people.

He said parliament is the building that represents the sovereignty of this country and thereby reflects South Sudanese image and dignity.

“I must emphasize on the unity of honorable members in this August House. Indeed the harmony and unity of honorable members is very crucial for maintenance of momentum of progress, success and continual consolidation of the spirit of nationalism and patriotism,” Ubuch added.

Michael Makuei, the Government spokesperson described Ubuch Ujwok Akuo the new speaker as a loyal SPLM and long serving MP in South Sudan saying it was the reason why he was accepted by the SPLM party.

He said the parliament was expected to sacrifice and work hard during extra days to hold extra ordinary sittings so that they could complete their task on time.

Makuei congratulated the new speaker for his appointment and reminded the speaker of the big task ahead of him.

“At this time the parliament is expected to pass security law, it is expected to pass the amended constitution,” he said.

Makuei stressed that last time when the constitution was tabled to the parliament it was withdrawn at the last minute.

He said the parliament was now expected to complete the work within the extended 100 days of the pre-transitional period.

“I hope with the new speaker they will work hard and achieve their goals,” Makuei said. 

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