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New sites for demolition victims

By Atimaku Joan

Juba City Council planned to allocate a new site for the demolition victims as the process being carried out from last Saturday.

Some of the beneficiaries in Custom market revealed to Juba Monitor that City council has started giving them some spaces to settle their businesses. A number of complainants were missed out as majority of beneficiaries were given more than one space.

“The City council was giving places for people whose places were removed at the time of demolition, but my neighbor missed out with his friends and they were told to come back tomorrow because there were many people and some people have taken two and others even more,” said one beneficiary.

She added that they were later asked by the authorities to return with all their National Identity Cards to verify the issue of some people missed out the chance of getting the space.

She revealed that they paid 2,000 South Sudanese pounds each to acquire the space given.

However, the Chairperson of Central Equatoria state Chamber of Commerce Robert Pitia Francis stated that the distribution of the spaces to the traders affected during the demolition was not official, but rather the whole thing was an organization a place to give out to the traders.

“They are distributing, but not officially, yes I’m aware of it and I went there yesterday, City Council will organize a place and then give them but what happened yesterday was an organization,” said Pitia.

He revealed that City Council would be able to get a specific place to give them after two to three weeks as they have not yet allocated a place.

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