New project to strengthen media role in support of national dialogue

UNESCO is collaborating with various UN agencies and media associations to implement a new project aimed at strengthening the role of media in national dialogue and ongoing peacebuilding initiatives for lasting peace and sustainable development in South Sudan.

The project, entitled “Strengthening Dialogue for Peace and Reconciliation” which is financed by UN Peace Building Fund  will  enhance  the role of mass media in peace-building process, from merely reporting issues and events to understanding and clarifying issues and events from diverse perspectives including historical and socio-political contexts by  informing and educating the public on history, culture, political structure, and aspirations of various ethnic groups as a means of promoting cultural understanding and appreciation  by providing  platforms for expressing views and opinions, dialogue and consensus-building within and among different communities.

In order to strengthen women participation in peacebuilding processes, UNESCO will collaborate with

UN Women, UNFPA and local media development partners to build the capacity of media organizations and media executives to introduce gender-specific programming aimed at peacebuilding and to mainstream gender equality considerations into their policies and practices.

Considering the increasing ethnic polarization and increase cases of online hate speech and incitement to discrimination or violence targeting particular groups and increased politicization of identity and the spread of ideology of the hegemony of one group over another, UNESCO will collaborate with UNMISS Human Rights Division  to facilitate a series of dialogues on countering hate speech and to bring together various actors and stakeholders who have in different ways looked into different aspects of hate speech which  is increasingly of concern as it is associated to incitement and violence.

This project is being implemented within the framework of UNESCO’s mandate to enhance freedom of expression and it contributes to peace, poverty eradication, gender equality and human rights.

PBF was launched in 2006 to support activities, actions, programmes and organizations that seek to build a lasting peace in countries emerging from conflict. It supports peacebuilding activities that strengthen the capacity of governments, national/local institutions and transitional or other relevant authorities



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