New Mayor promises to transform Torit town

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

The newly appointed Mayor of Torit municipal council Joseph Aye Joseph Oswaha has promised to transform Torit municipality into a city council.

Mr. Aye made the remarks in a meeting organized by the Torit town council on Tuesday.

Last week Governor Louis Lobong Lojore appointed two mayors for Torit and Kapoeta municipal councils.

“The government is planning something good and as we wait we should prepare ourselves to work together.  I have seen other countries like Europe it is not God who developed it, so we also need to do the same,” said Mayor Aye.

“South Sudanese know a lot of theory if you read you think it is the Whiteman but when you ask what they have done, they will not tell you anything. Politics is not good we are not here for politics,” Mr. Aye added.

He said his leadership will coordinate with development partners to provide support to schools by providing washing facilities in the schools which are due to open.

“Everywhere there are challenges and also don’t blame yourselves, this coronavirus has brought suffering of people. There is money but government is working on how we can combat coronavirus,” he said.

Mr. Hillary Lokudu Chief Executive officer of Torit said he will cooperate with the new mayor to ensure stable security in Torit town.

Lokudu said security concerns have been a threat in Torit town arguing the council effort will be to address the loopholes therein.

“No any other party is to be done in the residential areas it is there as standing order but people just block their minds and do these things at their own risk,” the Chief stressed.

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