New Maternal Complex opened in Aweil

Ambassador Alan Hamson on his arrival in Aweil on Monday. Right is the maternal complex in Aweil (Photos by Ajah Kiir.)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Anew maternal complex has been opened in Aweil State hospital on Monday in the presence of Dr. Riak Gai Kok the Minister of health, state minister of information Aweil and governor of Aweil plus other distinguished guests.

In a speech extended to Juba Monitor, the Ambassador of Canada to South Sudan Alan Hamson said the maternity complex will help mothers and children in Aweil.

“I would like to acknowledge the distinguished guests and the people of Aweil, including future beneficiaries of this complex, for this opportunity to join this event in helping mothers and their children survive and become healthier,” Hamson said.

The new maternity complex is set to provide 24 hour comprehensive, emergency obstetric and newborn care services.

Emergency obstetric services are now available in 6 facilities in South Sudan including in Bor, Torit, Yambio, Kuajok and now Aweil according to the ambassador.

According to Hamson, emergency obstetric services are the most direct means of reducing maternal mortality and saving lives.

He revealed that Canada will continue to be one of the greatest funder of reproductive, maternal and child health in South Sudan.

The new maternity complex has two buildings including maternity waiting home, theater complex with integrated neonatal and postnatal services.

Ajah Kiir who accompanied the Team to Aweil said people were extremely excited for seeing the new facility.

“People are extremely excited about the new facilities, especially the women and many say that this will improve their health, Ajah told Juba Monitor.

The maternal complex was constructed through the project strengthening emergency obstetric care in Aweil state hospital and funded by the government of Canada.



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