New market opened in Lajor State

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The governor of Latjor State Gathoth Gatkuoth has opened for the first time in seven years a new market in the State.

Since the aftermath of December 2013 conflict, there has been no major market in the state.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview yesterday, Latjor State Deputy Governor, Nyanuer William Nyuon said the new market creates coherent images of the State and attract foreign capital and other interested business people in the State.

 “The opening of the new market is good and important to all of us in the State because it is the only way through which the citizens could generate revenue or income and bring in profits,” Nyanuer said.

She said the market would be given the great importance since the very survival of the firms depends on the effectiveness of the marketing function adding that the market is a great economic revival tool for the State.

 Nyanuer reiterated that the market would help both sellers and buyers to let their products or services go through bottom line of any business to make money.

 She noted that market is an essential channel to reach that end goal.

“When customers are happy about your products they become your brand ambassadors without their knowledge, they will spread the word and your sales will start to increase,” Nyanuer said.

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