New looks of Bright Stars ahead of Djibouti clash

The Italian-born hired Coach Stefano Cusin has yesterday dismantled the old team and replaced it with new national squad that will be playing Djibouti on 23rd and 27th respectively.

Mr. Cusin summoned 38 players selected from different clubs both in the Country and outside. Coach himself scouted more players playing in the various leagues especially the recently concluded South Sudan Cup. The new looks from talented young players from recent two teams of South Sudan cup tournament were; Zalan Fc of Rumbek and Hilal Fc of Wau.

Cusin echoed his new strategy embedded on patriotic players, humble and young age players caught his conviction.

Stefano wanted to rely on players below 30 years in age and pledged to bring along professional technical staff from Europe that includes; Psychotherapists and fitness coaches among others.

“We want to increase our technical staff with a professional background, especially the like of Psychotherapist and fitness coach among others. We need players with patriotic and with humility and that can respond for National team call for training ahead of matches”, he said. 

Furthermore, South Sudan Football Association President Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek emphasized on the element of patriotism among Nation players.

“Yes, Patriotic is not seen or touch but it is an abstract which can be felt and seen through action. We have some players with big ego and cannot respond to the Country call for training”, he said.

Coach Stefano also included two new members into his technical team; Gian Luca Sorini as the fitness coach and Alessandro Pagani as team doctor. The squad will commence training on Wednesday, 9th March, 2022. See the  provisional list below:

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