New Gender Minister to end sexual violence

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The newly appointed Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare said she would work closely with the partners to end the sexual violence against women.

Ayaa Benjamin Warille said since the conflict erupted in 2013, sexually related violence has been rampant and wide spread targeting girls.

“Since the 2013 conflict, many women had suffered; especially sexually related violence against women has been so rampant. Therefore, in collaboration with Women Union, UN women, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and other stakeholders will put considerable effort to minimize issues related to sexual violence and violence against women,” Ms. Ayaa said.

She made the remark during her reception at the Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare yesterday in Juba.

She said she would fight through sensation and awareness, importantly treatment and counselling of survivors of sexual violence and gender based violence.

She added that the deep cultural prejudice resulted into deep discrimination against women saying the transitional constitution had provided gender equality and equal right for women.

She also said since the outbreak of conflict in 2013 the considerable number of children are recruited within the ranks of different warring parties.

“I will work closely with DDR commissioner and UNICEF to ensure that child soldiers are demobilized and integrated and they are offered quality education in the fulfilment of sustainable development,” she said.

There are many cases of discrimination against people with physical, social, intellectual and mental disabilities in employment, education, and provision of other government services.

She said the constitution stipulated primary education should be provided to the people with disabilities without discrimination.

“It will be me and you to advocate or lobby for opening more schools and adequate teachers and children with disabilities.”

Meanwhile Edfas Mkandawire, the representative of UN Women South Sudan congratulated the new minister and expressed UN Women’s readiness to work together with the gender ministry.

 “We as UN Women in South Sudan are very committed to continue working and supporting the ministry in its mandate of promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women,” Mr. Edfas said.

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