A foot for thought

New era of Sudan

By Anna Nimiriano

Yesterday the people of Sudan have got a new administration in the country. The Minister of Defense, Award Mohamed Ahmed has taken over the new administration of the country. During his speech on Al Jazeera Television, he stressed that he would ensure the safety for the people of Sudan all over the country.

He continued saying that on behalf of the high level of security in the country, he thanked God for the change that has happened in the country. He said the people of Sudan have been suffering all these periods of time, demanding for their rights from the government. They have been faithful to their leaders and endured what has been taking place in the country.

From 2018 up to this moment, there were protests going on in the country. He assured the people of Sudan that he would form the new government and military council in the country. He pledged that he will make sure the people of Sudan have all the necessary services in the country and would improve economic situation. Since the demonstrations started in 2018 up to this moment, the people of Sudan have been suffering due to corruption in the country.  He paid condolences to the victims of protests and wish quick recover for those who were injured in protests

He promised that he will make sure that all citizens in the country are living in peace and safety. He stated that he will form new council which will include all parts of the country to take care for the needs of the citizens.

He continued saying that, there would be a new constitution that would be followed by elections which will be after the transitional period. If you would be following the situation of Sudan, it has not been uneasy period since the 3rd of April this year, up to this moment he added.  Ahmed said he will take full responsibility of the people of Sudan. Ahmed was a minister of defense in the former government of Omer Hassan Al Bashir.

He promised to release all political detainees and prisoners in the country.  He stated that he will keep good relations with international community for better improvement in the country. He vowed to work for the welfare of the people in the country. However, I hope the new administration in Sudan will bring total peace to their country. It would unite people of Sudan including the Darfur people who have been suffering for a long time.  The protesters comprised of elderly people, children, men and women on the streets of Sudan.

May God bless people of Sudan and protect them all.



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