NEW ERA, As light shines in Juba

By: Nema Juma

President Salva Kiir Mayardit said yesterday marks the beginning of a new era, no more war adding it was time for development and service delivery.

He urged the development partners and other members of the private sector to join hands in developing the country.

President Kiir appreciated the Ezra group for taking such a huge risk by making a huge investment in difficult environment.

“I want to thank the citizens of South Sudan for their patience and cooperation during this difficult time,” Kiir said.

Speaking during the Commissioning of the phase one of Ezra Power Plant in Juba yesterday, President Kiir said the projects marked major mile stone with the Ministry of Energy and Dams and the people of South Sudan.

“It is our hope as the people of South Sudan that our dreams will not remain as dreams that it will become a reality,” he said.

He stated that this project will start development across the sectors where more than 70 percent of businesses in South Sudan run their own generators for power supply while homes depend on kerosene.

President Kiir added that electricity was regarded as one of the most serious businesses constraints, and it also aims at eradicating the pollution that comes due to large scale use of diesel in the environment.

The Minister of Energy and Dams Dr. Dhieu Mathok Wol said Ezra is an Eritrean company that have invested almost 200 million dollars, and will operate for 17 years until they recover their money.

He stated that the second phase of the project the expansion of the network coverage from the African Development Bank adding that the Bank pledged 33 million dollars for the project.

“The tariff 0.395d dollars per kw for domestic consumption,” he said.

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