New dawn, new move

By Akol Arop Akol

This is my personal motto or slogan for my column, the ‘’Hunting for Change.’’ The words describe my dreams, desires and commitment to wake up in a new day to change myself, change my family, change my people which are not dissimilar because human beings wake up in a new day and push on with life.

Life is when we are breathing and though they say time is money, time is life. So a new day is a blessing from our God and for everyone still breathing. A new day is another chance to get rid of difficulties and create new opportunities. Life is what we make and we have to live it up to God’s sake.

We don’t know if we would really wake up the other day because of many evils and diseases facing us but as one’s days are still not numbered, we are to give glory to the sustainer and protector of life.

We are not only placed in this world to eat, marry and sleep, we are precious creatures that are supposed to praise God in all times. We are messengers to preach peace and love to all people.

Our spirits as controlled by the supernatural being need to worship the living God, to ask Him to help us out of our problems and also thank Him for the good things He has done for us.

When morning comes, it is not brushing and bathing are the important things,  before we do anything each of us needs to be humble in spirit and heart and thank “who protects life” for giving another breathe in the new dawn.

After Thanksgiving, we can brush our teeth, clean our rooms, take shower and take our morning tea and then go to school or work place. With God, everything is possible. We shall be happier and successful if we have faith.

When obeying God and loving fellow brothers and sisters, we would be blessed with more days on Earth.

Therefore, we must know why and how we want to live. There are many reasons why people want to live more.  Maybe to see people they love around, achieve goals and dreams, preach the gospel or whatever one wishes to do during the few days given on Earth.

We all have something we are running after. So a new day is our green light for a new move.  A trouble, failure or disappointment might have faced you yesterday; however you can now imagine a bright future and work for a better achievement.

God provides equal divine services for us equally.  He doesn’t stop the moon,  sun, rain or air for the sinners or the laziest people.  He equally loves His creation and cares for all.

In the same way, each fellow human is expected to make a new move, to walk out of sins to the righteousness, forget the past and aims for a better future, ignore the curse and seek for blessings, forgive and live in peace with others, to refrain from alcoholic addiction to personal transformation, stand out of poverty and work for a good life and in such a move of forgetting the gone will let our future be found.

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