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New dawn for National students’ union

By Yiep Joseph

Fresh beginning for the south Sudan NationalStudents’Union as a new chairperson emerged through the Democratic election process under the strict supervision of the Minister of Higher Education.

Yesterday South Sudan Students’ Union independent committee declared KhamisOthouOmot as a new chairperson of the union after his opponent Marko Barnaba declined in his favor.

However, the election also resulted in the reconstitution of the Executive and councilors of the union.

Omot told Juba Monitor Newspaper that his priority is to unite students and work for the welfare of the students within South Sudan and outside South Sudan.

As an immediate result of the convention, the election brought together over 85 delegates across the ten states and the three administrative areas who generally proposed, seconded, and supported Omot as the new chairperson of the union.  

The convention has been postponed several times due to technical problems as usually reported by the steering committee.

The eighty-five delegates through the two days of convention passed the constitution that changed the union’s name from South Sudan General Students’ Union to South Sudan National Students’ Union.

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