A foot for thought

New cases of COVID – 19

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It was published in the newspaper that three people died with COVID -19 recently, it has been long time since such report of COVID-19 for some months has made in South Sudan. It is because people are not following instructions of COVID – 19. In gathering places, there was no social distancing, people greet each other normally and enjoy life like before.

Having no deaths of COVID-19 is good but better to end the disease in the country. Sometimes you may think that COVID-19 is over,maybe due to the movement of people from the neighboring countries that made the disease to be persistent.

Several countries have restricted movement of people including foreigners not to curb spread of the virus.  Sometimes people ignore the rules like wearing facemasks, washing hands frequently with clean water and keeping environment clean. On the side of the Christians, they keeppraying to God so that people of South Sudan are not affected with the disease in the country.  God is listening to them, protecting them from time to time that is why the level of COVID- 19 has reduced for the rest of themonths.

We need to keep the standards of prevention and control the boarders. It is not only for COVID – 19 even other diseases like Ebola and many others to be mentioned.  These days’ people are not restricted of using face masks and greeting, it has become normal among them. In the church, it is Catholic Church, maybe other denominations were using face masks and keeping social distances in the church during theservices.

However, in this regards the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO} should continueenlightening people with the dangers of COVID – 19 in various states, so that people must keep the rules.  It is a collective responsibility to keep our environment clean and wash hands with clean water. These rules will help us to do away with the disease.

We can start from our families, public places and the country at large.

May God bless us all.

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