New Anglican Archbishop enthroned in Juba


Bishop Justin Badi Arama, Anglican Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (file photo):

By Moses Gum Degur

A new Arch-Bishop of the Anglican Church was enthroned on Sunday in a ceremony at the All Saints Cathedral in Juba, attended by thousands of Anglicans.

The Most Reverend Justin Badi Arama, who succeeded Archbishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul became the fifth archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan.

Former Archbishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul led the Anglican Episcopal Church in South Sudan for the last ten years.

The new archbishop Justin Badi Arama urged the church to heal and unite Christians.

“Objective number one; unity of the church. We know very well from what we are seeing happening in our country and the communities that it is clear that the devil has filled the hearts and minds of our people with the spirit of tribal politics, division, hate and violence,” said Justin Badi.

“Our administration will make every effort to teach and unite our Christians to see themselves as brothers and sisters as one family of God.”

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga urged the church leaders to collaborate with the government to achieve lasting peace.

“Definitely, no government in the whole world is infallible all of us, definitely we make mistakes this is a fact just as there are no individuals in the church who cannot make mistakes, may be the archbishop of Canterbury and the pope I don’t know but the rest of us are capable of making mistakes, this is the reality of nature.”

“Therefore the two bodies, the church and government need unprecedented cooperation at this difficult moment,” Dr. Igga said.

The Metropolitan Bishop of the Catholic Arch-Diocese of Juba His Grace Paulino Lukudu Loro appreciated the newly enthroned Anglican Archbishop.

He described Badi’s enthronement as a “step in growth of Christian faith” in South Sudan.

Bishop Justin Badi Arama was elected as the new Primate of the Church of South Sudan, to succeed Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul.

Arama was enthroned as the provincial fifth Archbishop and Primate on Sunday 22 April, 2018.

The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, formerly known as Episcopal Church of Sudan, is a province of f the Anglican Communion located  in South Sudan. The province consists of 36 dioceses, each headed by a Bishop.

There have been four archbishops and primates of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, currently named Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, since its creation in 1976.

The Archbishops (primate) were Elinana J. Ngalamu, 1976-1988, Benjamin Wani Yugusuk, 1988-1998, Joseph Marona, 2000-2007, Daniel Deng Bul, 2008-2018 and Justin Badi Arama, who is the current.




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