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New airport terminal open today

The front view of JIA New Terminal (photo by Woja Emmanuel Wani)

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

The newly constructed terminal of the Juba International Airport is set to open today, according to the General Manager of JIA.

The construction of the new terminal started in November 2016 when the government failed to finish the construction of its old terminal that started in 2009.

The General Manager of the JIA Kur Kuol Ajieu told Juba Monitor in an interview yesterday that the new terminal would be open for visitors, friends and well-wishers who would join South Sudan to mark the peace celebrations scheduled for Wednesday this week.

“The new terminal is going to be opened tomorrow. Those who are coming for the celebrations will definitely use the new terminal,” Ajieu said yesterday.

He said that the regional heads of states would use the Presidential lounge while other visitors coming for the festivity would use the new terminal to avoid congestion.

In furthering preparations, last week, the Civil Aviation Authority ordered all cargo planes to evacuate Juba International Airport to the nearest airports within the country.

According to Ajieu, the move was to give space to planes transporting regional and international dignitaries coming to grace the revitalized peace celebration scheduled for this Wednesday.

The order required all cargo companies to temporarily halt activities at JIA and relocate their aircrafts to nearby airstrips like Bor, Palouch, Rumbek, Torit and Wau.

International flights are, however, not bound by the order and are free to land and take off since they are in transit most of the time.

In a separate development, the government approved nearly 700 million South Sudanese Pounds for the celebration of the revitalized peace pact two weeks ago. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning which is heading the organizing committee reportedly already released the funds for the big day.

Meanwhile, the Inspector of Police, Lt. Gen. Majak Akech, while in a security briefing meeting between the government and NGOs last week, revealed that Airport road passing through Muduria roundabout and connecting to Buluk and eventually the Freedom Square will be closed on Monday for purposes of monitoring security.

Akech also said that the roads that the general public would use on Wednesday to access the celebration grounds would be announced 24 hours before the celebrations. The entry gates according to the organizers however will be opened for the general public to access the stadium as early as 8am on Wednesday.

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