Never lose hope in life, success is a struggle

By Bol Abraham Malang

Life is a long term process which is categorized by a number of stages distinguished by nature and experiences. For instance, a person may be born and brought up with several good and bad occurrences but still grow up to achieve his or her full potential.

Besides that, life is like “preparing food”. When a cook prepares the food, there are several steps which use different materials like knife, fire among others but in due course, the cook may cut his or her finger as a result of using knife and when it comes to setting it on fire, there are possibilities of getting burnt but all in all, the cook insists despite the stumbles to ensure the mission is accomplished.

Relating to our struggle towards our desires, we all got distinguished family backgrounds and performances. Therefore, some families may not afford taking their child/children to school, providing health services among others. How hurtful is it seeing children going to school while you remain at home? As if it is not enough, you may also see the fellow neighbors being bought clothes for Christmas or other important festivals but your parents are unable to afford all those privileges due to the financial incompetence, your parents may just struggle to ensure your single meal (koropo) is availed a day.


Regarding education, innocent parents do sacrifice themselves in ensuring that their children also join and compete in the academic world as they can; a mother may focus on brewing local alcohol, selling petty vegetables,cultivating,collecting fire woods and many more in favor of the child. What is the reason for all the sacrifices she offers? Simply is to rescue and to ensure that tomorrow the child should not be at the same level, facing the same hardship.Father also does all he can to be able to facilitate the family`s operation as he may join the army,hunting,fishing,bee keeping, charcoal burning, laying bricks and to mention in order to bring an end to the long starvation of the off springs as he forgets all the tiresome duties, body aches and other implications acquired through the tedious work. What do we give them back as a reward for struggling for our sake?


Parents especially the mother ensures that her child is free from all kinds of diseases since any infection that develops in a kid reflects and affects the mother most and the father as well and that is why when a baby falls sick, the mother never sleeps the whole night attending the child, cooling the body temperature, cleaning in case of diarrhea illness, giving medicines as prescribed by the physician which may indicate midnight dosage, breastfeeding and referring the child to the health center if the condition raise beyond the control. In due cost of night moving towards the health facility, she never fears of dark paths (corners) she moves through and all other external attacks since all she focuses is her child. In addition to that, she mindless of the distant to and from which may take her some good kilometers to reach the destination if the facilities are far. But all in all, that is “love for a child.”


It`s commonly said that, “man makes house and woman makes a home,” that means it`s a collective effort by the both parents in keeping the family stand strong and smooth as they all contribute. For instance,when a family needs to build a house (grass thatched house), woman goes to the bush (some miles away)to cut grass and tie them in bundles which takes her half day thoroughly,she also carries off head with hunger of having not eaten together with the thirst but despite the experience, she doesn`t give up since she wanted her kids to stay in a rainproof house to be future seeds.

When justifying the points above, unintelligent child may be hopeless as he or she sees the life experience of the family which may result into tears, but that is not the solution to the matter.

The solution is to bit your teeth, stand strong and lay your positive ambitions to convert your own and family’s suffering to success, to see the sorrowful tears from your family becomes tears of joy, to liberate your family from zero to hero, nothing to something, grass to grace and you see the long hidden smile and happiness of your family being gained or restored back.

The writer is a student at University of Juba. Email bolabrahammalang2018@gmail.com

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