Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


My Colleague and office mate ran to me immediately after the announcement by the Central Bank that they will release some cash for the purchase of gold to supplement the generation of revenue for the country that has traditionally depended on the oil as the only major source of income. Emma, as we commonly call him was not sparing any of his effort until he got or came face to face with part of that five million US dollars. Seeking my attention Emma called me “Yaba” this is our chance as I looked at him, he told me that we should register a mineral processing company immediately and put our request forward as one of the firms that could source gold from the locals where the elite and suit wearers could not go to. He was convinced that this chance was going to be ours and nothing could stop us even if we got as little as a million USD. First l was perplexed and almost paralyzed with laughter. I have not known this man to be involved in the kind of high profiled and high magnitude business(es) anywhere on earth he has no record of such leave alone handling a million dollars. His background was so humble that nothing had tainted him as long as I have known him. I told him straight on his face that he did not qualify to be considered in this category with or without registering his or is it our company to prospect gold locally on behalf of big bank which is also the regulator of all financial transactions in the country. Emma refused to yield to my advice even after l told him that l was not interested in the gold business at my age and that what I was getting was enough for me. He looked at me over and decided to consult his best pal who is also a colleague, Louis. We sometimes call them Tom and Jerry. They conversed earnestly for sometimes before coming back to me and telling me in the straight that “Yaba you are right” this game is not for armatures. It is a game of men with what it takes. It is a game that needs one to have money and good money for that to invest and to show the Central Bank that one is able. It is a game that needs one to read deep in the book and not just the cover to find the trick of the business. It is a game that can only be played by those in the know and who would have had their feet on the ground for a long time. True Yaba, it is a game that only smart guys can play. It is a game of millionaires not hustlers like me, you and Louis here. It is a game we better leave thinking of before even thinking of starting. It is a game better left on the table like a book without lifting the first page. I looked back at them and told them how happy l was that they had made a good decision. 

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