Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is not something to debate or ponder over since it has been proved that there have been cheating and forging of admission papers from some higher learning institutions in and outside the country. Recently the government came out with a shocking revelation that more than 400 certificates, diplomas and degree from students who claimed to have been admitted to universities inside and in the neighbouring countries were all forged. Shocking as it is the government through the Ministry of General Education has warned and directed all public higher learning institutions not to admit direct applicants and that all those applications must pass through the ministry for vetting before they could be accepted. This will bring sanity in the education sector. Indeed cases of forged credentials are hurting not only to the families whose children or kith and kin waste time to acquire the forged papers but it is an eyesore to the country which cannot be accepted. Some of those with so called “powerful” papers are working in big public offices which they do not deserve with forged materials as their educational backups. Some of these academic credentials may not have been received knowingly by the host country. They could have been the work of forgeries experts for money and may be some did not take the required time in their institutions to warrant being credited with award of honour.A new step has been taken by the directive given yesterday, but it should not end there, the government should carry major investigations to find out those working in both public and private institutions using forged documents since they are denying the rightful qualifiers jobs which they could be doing. Some of those in the do are non-performance who lean on the hard work and activities of others with ability to do the work. They are commonly referred to as parasites who depend on others production for their survivals. Although the damage has been caused it is not too late to seal the loopholes that had made it possible for such activities to go un-noticed until now. Education is the key to national development. Anyone who think differently is cheating him/herself. It is not for getting a job but for preparing to join others to build the nation which cannot be done by those cheating their ways to the top. A number of them depend on the so called godfathers which in the end does not help much. The love to do the right things should be born in and within oneself. It cannot be inherited. A real you or me must be those who are clean in their dealings and doings. There are parents who have spent to ensure their children got the best and there are those youth who have struggled alone to be where they wanted to be. They do not cheat their ways but earn what they want to have the hard way. They deserve to be given the rightful chance to propel and prosper instead of those cheating their ways being in the front. The government should tighten the rope and ensure those doing the wrongs in the education sector were dealt with according to the law

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