Neutral proposal on the number of states

By: Joseph Elia Morgan

The parties to the conflict in the country have locked their horns over the question of number of states.

This has been demonstrated by the failure of the principals dulling their several face to face meetings in Juba, thus causing some real concerns over the faith of the peace.

It is time for the parties to find a common ground and not the question of winning or losing anymore.

In my own proposal we should reverse or convert the current states to counties or districts and increase their number to fourty two (42) by  simply adding 32 + 10 or multiply the former district by two (21×2) then divide by three to give each region 14 counties or districts much higher than the 39 demanded by equatorians.

These counties or districts shall have to be administered by local government   administrators as before without executive and legislature branches of government.

But purely civil administration can deliver services without politics. History can prove us right. This setting will also avoid the dependency on politics as source of employment and we will save money for service.

In my view, we should go for three (3) former provinces of Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria, in reality or sense, the natural resources and the human potentials each region owes justifies a state also, also a state should be able to stand by itself with less dependency on the national government above all its ties the citizens together and boost unity.

The three states or region shall have High Executive, Legislature and Judicial organs or powers of government compared to the high executive council for the southern region known as Addis Ababa Agreement of 1972. The states may be let by a Governor or a President.  Thereafter, we have the national or federal government with its defined powers.

Finally, I urge all professionals to wake up and find a common field for our politicians on the number of the states and some others sticking points otherwise we risk losing the nation.

I also urge the current Governors and state legislatures to back up some alternatives because it is time to put the nation and the people first and the individual interest last.

God bless us all and bless South Sudan

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