Netherlands contributes USD 3 million for Abyei

By:  Kidega Livingstone

The government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has contributed a sum of 3 million US dollars to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to support stability and facilitate conflict resolution in Abyei Administrative area.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador to South Sudan, Janet Alberda said the contribution came as a response to the United Nations Security Council   repeated calls for development and reconciliation in Abyei area.

“The Kingdom of the Netherlands wants to contribute to a sustainable and more peaceful Abyei. Netherlands put the needs of the people first and create a conducive environment for conflict resolution among the local community,” Janet said.

She emphasized that the continuing work of the Kingdom of Netherlands from Sudan and South Sudan would reach a sustainable resolution for the statues of Abyei.

IOM South Sudan Chief of Mission, Jean-Philippe Chauzy said that the project will strengthen peace and social cohesion among the communities in Abyei.

He said the project also supports a conducive environment for recovery through tailored livelihood and psychosocial support to enable communities to become self-resilient.

“The project will create productive and beneficial output for the wider region,” Chauzy said. 

IOM had a long standing presence in Abyei, it has supported over 100,000 individual through close engagement with local administration and humanitarian agencies and other partners according to Chauzy.

“The program will therefore engage local leaders and the country has significantly mitigated potential disputes by allowing community leaders to create space for dialogue and consensus,” Chauzy said.

 The signing ceremony between Embassy of Netherlands and IOM was under the theme “promoting stability, self-reliance and resilience of conflict affected and mobile population in Abyei,” said Chauzy.

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