Nepotism, economic crisis increase unemployment

Nepotism and economic crisis have doubled the unemployment rate in the country, the youth have said during a workshop organized by Youth for Peace Development yesterday.

Speaking during session of unemployment organized by Youth for Peace Development, Santino Atak Bol student from the University of Juba said nepotism in the country has made it difficult for the youth to get employment.

“Corruption is too much in this country, nobody can give you job even if you are capable of doing it because you are from a different tribe,” Atak told Juba Monitor in an interview yesterday.

He stressed that the economic crisis has also contributed to unemployment since the local currency has lost its value and most private sectors have quit the country saying that some of the youth are working but the salary structure is not supportive.

Meanwhile, the National Peace Centre Coordinator, Alfred Towongo Nicholas said peace is the only solution to unemployment because if there is peace many investors will come in the country and that in turn would create jobs to the youth.

He stressed that the youth should denounce violence, return to agriculture activities that would make them productive to the government through tax payment which will contribute to development.

“We are engaging the youth so that they can be focused in running political issues peacefully, they should come up and follow the issue of national dialogue,” Towongo Said.

Executive Director, Youth for Peace and Development, Gak Abraham Geu said they have decided to engage youth to address the solution of unemployment to get rid of youth who are involved in the conflict due to idleness.

He said they have organized this forum so that the youth can exchange their views saying according to the youth nepotism is the main cause of unemployment in the country.

By Kidega Livingstone

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