Negative impact of Coronavirus

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, some of you may think why I am writing several stories about Coronavirus instead of talking about other issues in the country. It is because the virus has caused a lot of problems in the world particularly South Sudan.

 Almost every day there is new directive issued by the government to be followed as part of protection. Yesterday the government issued a directive that all business places like tea, restaurants, bars and others should be closed down. People should work up to 1:00PM. The directive is good for some institutions but for media is not possible.

One o’clock is the time journalists are still gathering information in the case of Newspapers. On the other hand, there might have been an important event that needs to be covered for public interest. The time mentioned above may not be suitable for media houses to finish their work. However, because of the directive and the dangers of the disease, clients are advised to deliver their advertisements and statements early for publication.

For the closure of business places, people complained that how are they going to earn life. Some people are getting daily meal from the small business they are doing. In this case government should get ways on how to assist people getting relief in order to sustain living, otherwise, the situation is not normal. South Sudan is one of the under developing countries,  it is not like other developed countries that people have no case of hunger, which is the main issue for South Sudan even before Coronavirus.

All the orders issued were good but let government get alternative of assisting people with food items in the countries. What will happen to people in the rural areas who are depending on food and other items being purchased from the neighboring countries? If there is no mobility, how can they get facilities like treatment? You may think of Coronavirus but there are other diseases affecting people that needed attention of doctors.

As church leaders advised us to pray, let us put everything in the hands of God. He will prevent us from this disease.

May God bless us all.

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