Negative election rumors scare refugees

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Widespread of negative election rumors is scaring refugees in Rhino camp as election remains a day to commence in Uganda.

Joseph Geu, the Chairperson for Refugee Welfare Council [RWC] Rhino Refugee camp, Madi Okollo district told Juba Monitor during an interview on Monday.

Geu said refugees are more worried over the coming elections given the widespread rumors circulated through several media outlets.

“If many politicians are tortured and beaten as we are hearing every day, what about us who are refugees, how shall it be during the elections and after the election, more especially if the government on power is overthrown,” he expressed.

He stressed that, the ongoing rumors from some individuals in the refugee settlement causes panic and fear which makes many refugees worried and even migrating back to their country,” Geu said.

“With the similar cases they have experienced in the past, it makes the refugees to fear according to rumors people say in the camps,” he said.

Geu said they do not encourage the refugees to return to South Sudan saying refugees should remain calm.

 “Spend the little money and resource you have to look after your children not to move up and down,” Geu urged the refugees.

Gue said the leaders in the camp were giving psycho-social support to the refugees to minimize trauma.

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