NCP wrangling over party leadership

By Wek Atak Kacjang

 The National Congress Party wrangling over the party leadership. The Members of National Congress Party (NCP) led by Chairperson Agnes Poni Lukudu have accused the former party’s Secretary General Mathew Mayor Ayuong of forging a diplomatic passport as a Chairperson of National Congress Party.

Mayor was accused by the party members for forging the diplomatic passport by claiming to be chairperson of the party as well as collecting money from the foreign mission including NGOS in the name of party.

Speaking to press yesterday, the current Secretary General Yousif Miyom Dau said the former Secretary General misled public that he was still Secretary General of the party which is not true.

When, asked the former National Congress Party Secretary General, Mathew Mayor Ayoung to comments on allegations he said they are proproganda against him, and they are baseless just to tarnish his name.  

“Am a legitimate Secretary General for the party because the man who is claiming now a member of our party is not even a member of party. We make press conference with political bureau and everybody has the document because those who are claiming that I am not Secretary General are liars,” said Mayor.

Agnes Poni Lukudu, the Chairperson for National Congress Party said the former Secretary General claimed that he was the chair of the party that’s why he was removed from the party position.

“We did not dismissed him from the party, but I replaced him with other person Mr. Yousif Miyom Dau who is currently party Secretary General,’’ Poni said.

According to the letter extended to Juba Monitor it stated that, “due to circumstance beyond our reach in 2016, I had delegated Mathew Mayor Ayuong to carry out duties of the party,” Chairperson of the Party stated.

The statement further revealed that, “Mathew Mayor will not represent the national congress party in any activities without delegation”.

The Party leadership said the letter delegate him in 2016 and was later on dismissed by the Chairperson on 5th May 2020 from his position and delegated powers withdrawn.

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