Nature teaches us a lot

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Salamander is a terrestrial amphibian resembling lizard and spends most of its time in seclusion. It is not as common as lizard and that is why I used the word “seclusion” because it is seldom seen on the land.

This small animal has got a lot of lessons that are relevant in human society and only if we could spare a little portion of our  times out of our busy schedules to learn directly from nature,  it wouldn’t take a year or two before we solve most of the pressing problems in our lives.

It happened one Saturday morning when I was seated under a neem tree that a little salamander of my thumb’s side fell down from the tree with such a great force that I thought the little salamander was unlucky to have climbed that neem tree.  I thought it was dead and I regretted having seen the little dying animal.

But the strength that the salamander mustered to get back on course did not only baffled me, it changed my perspective and the way I view life.

I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that,  if that little animal can gather the little strength it has to back itself up after falling down  from almost a 20 feet tall tree.

It means a full human being can still get up no matter how many times he/she has fallen down.

We are not animals; we fail in life, business, or in schools.  We sometimes grip and fall down and there are times we smile and times when despair clouds our future.

Those things happens in life and they are inevitable. They will never stop because they have always been there and they are still going to be there as long as we live.

But the only two people who overcome them are those who wipe their tears after crying and those who help themselves up after falling down and these are the same people that life appreciates.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed in life or the amount of tears you have shed, if you don’t fight for what you want in this world, life is going to win the race against you because nobody else will do the thing that only concerns you not even your father, mum, wife or your husband.

For few of us especially young people who are born to good families will always have that poor mentality that life will forever remain like that. But this is a negative thought that should be gotten rid of before it is too late.

When your dad and mum came to this world, they came on their own and worked harder to make sure your needs such as food in the house, school fees and many others are catered for and this should not give you a fertile ground to conclude that your life is fulfilled.

How can your life be fulfilled when you have got a world that is waiting for you with sharp teeth?

That is wrong because you have your own world to live and a family to raise the same way your dad and mum did.

If you don’t take responsibility for your life today, tomorrow will never be your friend and all the things you have taken for granted when you were young will begin to hammer you every minute.

You have to know the purpose for which you were born and also tame some of your greatest fears such as the fear of tomorrow and the fear of where you would be after 10 to 15 years.

You can do this by employing the little strength you have on things that matter to you the most, things that will make you a better person tomorrow.  But if you are just afraid of failure even when you are not in the game, you are indeed on a sure road to failure because someone who don’t plan ahead has already planned to fail.

Be the reason why your parents still go to work even when the work doesn’t pay well. Be someone who accepts every challenge as a stepping stone to a brighter future.

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