NATIONALS-For 80 percent job opportunities

By Bida Elly David

The National Ministry of Labour has come up with full-proof strategy to prioritise the employment of nationals in the private sectors like the Non- Governmental Organisations (NGO), companies and hospitality institutions among others to reduce unemployment in the country.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the National Minister of Labour James Hoth said, it had been noticed that most private institutions within the country which are considered to be employing foreign personnel in most available vacant positions.

“As the ministry of Labour, responsible in employing people it has come to our notice that most foreign employers and employees running private sectorhave taken less concern on the recruitment of the 80% of nationals in their institutions.’’. He said

He said that the national act chapter four (4) Article 46 says, any foreign investment company whether an NGO in the country was mandated to recruit 80% of nationals in their systems”.

He saidthat since most private companies and organisations had raised much concern about most nationals lacking technical ability to deliver, the ministry of Labour through African Development Bank (ADB) was currently training Youth in Juba Multiservice Training Centre (MTC) in various fields such as carpentry, tailoring, hospitality, automobile, computer, solar installation, baking, plumbing, painting, hair dressing and others to cope up with market demand.

‘’ADBin collaboration with ACROSSare now running trainings of 1500 Youth in various technical department at the centre in various departments in order to pave ways of employment to our unemployed youth in the private sectors’’. The |minister added.

He said, these training would enable nationals to at least compete in most technical positions that required complete skills in the private sectors as well as minimise recruitment of foreign employees.

 He added that the ministry was planning to extend further trainings to some states under the project Youth Empowerment Employability (YEE) funded by ACROSS.

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