Nationals count for 85 percent of COVID-19 patients

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The new epidemiology and surveillance analysis has revealed that at least 85 percent of the coronavirus patients across the country are South Sudanese.

Its also indicates that nine (9) percent were foreign nationals while other 6 percent were unidentified. 

Currently, South Sudan has 2,450 confirmed cases of the pandemic as a cumulative figure. Among which 1,186 recovered and 47 as fatalities.

“Cases detected among South Sudanese nationals count for 85 percent (N=2,071) of all cases, whereas 9 percent (n=219) are foreigners, and 6 percent (n=146) unidentified,” COVID-19 weekly situation report reads.  

The report added that there have been 47 imported cases with 17 from Kenya, 12 from Uganda, 1 from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 2 from Eritrea, 1 from Netherlands and 15 from unknown.

The confirmed cases range from age 2 months to 90 years old with an average of 36.8 years old, 75 percent which count for 1,828 confirmed cases were diagnosed in males, 24 Percent being 585 in females and 1 percent represented by 24 as unclassified.

According to the analysis, young men within 30-39 age group were the most at risk for COVID-19; an average of 35 years old.

Only 23.6 percent being 576 of the cases reported symptoms, of which the most frequent have been cough that count for 18.6 percent, fever with 16.0 percent, runny nose as 11.5 percent, headache 9.9 percent, fatigue with 10.0 percent, shortness of breath 10.1  percent), sore throat 6.6 percent, Muscle aches (6.3 percent) and others with 11.0 percent.   

As of 2nd August 2020, the affected Counties includes; Abyei with 51, Aweil Center count for 7 cases, Aweil East with 5.

Juba the capital has the highest number of 2,069; Maban registered 5 as Magwi reported a single case.

Malakal town has confirmed 51 cases, Nyirol reported 22 as Rubkona County reported 10 cases.

Rumbek North has one case, Rumbek Center (21) and others in Rumbek East.

Bor South registered up to 26, Tonj North with one, Torit has 34, Twic in Warrap State with 3, Twic East got 2 as Uror reported 2.

Wau town of Western Bahr El Ghazal has 26 cases, Yambio with 6 as Yei County got 22 as well as Yirol West with a single case.

At least there are nine patients whose identities are unknown. 

The Health Ministry had warned the public to observe and adhere to the coronavirus preventative measures as the virus is still in the country.

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