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Nationality, passport services reach Yei River State

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry  

Residents of Yei River state have hailed the Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Immigration for extending the services to the area.

Earlier, they complained of challenges in obtaining national identification cards and passport from Juba.

Dr Franco, studying in Arua said the extension of the services has reduced their travel cost to Juba for the national documents.

“Many people think that we are not part of South Sudan,” he said.

“When you go to Juba for nationality cards, you are questioned a lot saying especially when you are brown,” Dr. Franco added.

He said bringing the system to Yei River State was a positive move by the government, meaning that the government is thinking about its people.

“Another positive result is that it is going to reduce the transport cost of traveling from Yei to Juba because you have to cater for feeding while the document is being processed,” he said.

Easter City said although she was still in the refugee camp, she was excited about the issuance of nationality cards in Yei River State.

“The move means peace is coming to Yei River State and South Sudan at large,” she added.

City called on the government to improve on the security so that may go back home.

She said residents of Yei have been suffering traveling to Juba to acquire nationality documents.

“We need to work for peace in South Sudan so that we don’t go back to war again,” she said.

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