National Task force to access Covid-19 safety

By Rofina Teteng

The National Taskforce on Covid-19 Audit Committee continue to visit some government institutionsin order to access the guidelines of Covid-19 preventives measures.

Speaking to the press yesterday, the Covid-19 Incident Manager Dr. Richard Lako said that the National Taskforce Audit Committee managed to access all the areas in order to identify preventive measure of Covid-19 pandemic.

“We came to Juba Teaching Hospital as part of the observation. The national committee Audit evaluated some of the areas because the transmission ofCovid-19 within institutions, maintaining the health environment and health operations in regards to mitigating factors that contributes to curb the second wave.”

He added that there are a couple of observations made among them is the gatherings that are within the crowd specially the Lab and some of the out-patients and the visitors are not controlled.

He revealed that some parts of the Hospital especially the department of gynecology still have raisedconcerns of water supplies; electricity and the rest of the wards which are facing the same problems in the hospital.

However, Juba Teaching Hospital Medical Director, Dr. Maker Isaac Walsaid their aim is to reduce the infection of Covid-19 in the country.

“We started with the Hospital because we are receiving many patients in the Hospital with the recommendations made on the issues,’ he said.

He added that they are going to improve and work on it.

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