National staff does not deserve peanut pay

By Emmanuel Loro William (Guest)

Odongo Odoyo

Discrimination takes many forms and has multiple outcomes in shaping the well-being and decent life that every living person deserve in this open space called earth. Give God what belongs to God and give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser.

There is wide discrimination of staff in NGO, NNGO, Banking institutions, hotels, companies or UN agencies employees are categories into classes of local staff and so-called international and they do the same job, duties, same educational level in some situations those Baptist as local staff ending up teaching those international staff on what he or she supposed to do.

 In my own school of taught the notion of international staff is founded purposely by the global donor community for them to ship back lion share of the donation through high pay, allowances, ticket fees and other abnormal expense in which local staff are glued on monthly salaries only This strategy is used so that the spirit of poverty, begging and aids continue.

This discrimination in the labour market must stop its contributing nothing to the economic growth of this motherland South Sudan paying national staff well so that they will have more savings, more investment and the government will have more revenue and service delivery may follow.  

Government need to implement the percentages granted to locals by law strictly not with bad intention but for the good of this country.

I know some of my countrymen and women will look at me as if I am in sighting but that is bitter truth unless you don’t wish well for the people of this beloved country.

If the locals are paid well the money will remind within there will be not much exit of money from the country but paying international staff a lot of money their repatriated cash to an outside destination that does not help the economic development of the country.  

 A tactic used by discriminators to justify unequal payment that must stop

Favouring groups of so-called international staff are prioritizing when opportunities arise for education, training and promotion are given to them so that institution can justify their discriminating activities.

 Locals staff are attributed to low skills and experience which I disagree with because first when an institution is employing staff the person is qualified to do the job why pay him or her peanut.

Toothless local staff associations that are easily influenced and threatened by management those associations are supposed to fight against those discrimination but they become a rubber stamp of the institutions it saws lack of leadership and nationalism at heart.

Institutions and individuals are reduced to baggers that lead to injustices where laws are implemented in favour of the rich because money is paid to manipulate integrity and fairness of the matter this country belong to the inhabited any positive contribution you do will be written in your legacy that will open all doors of success for your generations to come but when you do bad your generations will carry the burden blindly.

In all fairness Serve this country all heartedly, diligently, with totality because your service today will not be repeated tomorrow will be a different person it will be late for you to redo them.

The use of godfather when the law is taking its cost” godfather means calling your uncle, boss, or political elites to intervene when you are at the wrong or right side of the law is spoiling our institutions.

That intervention by the so-called big man is weakening our institutions that should have fought for the right of local’s staff.

There is an Unfounded notion that when locals are paid well they will end up drinking is not true that employees started drinking before joining that institution.

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