National Security officer dismissed and sentence to 4 years jail term

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The National Security tribunal finally sack and dismissed an officer from his rank of captain to private and dismissed to civilian and sentence to four years imprison over misconduct according to National Security Act.

Speaking to the Press yesterday, the Director of Public Relations for National Security Service, David John Kumuri said the court concluded that the prosecution case is suspicious and prove the offense under the section “206 (B) South Sudan Act.”

 “The first accuse captain Robert Benjamin Lotiu was found guilty according to section 51/6 of National Security Act. Captain Robert Benjamin Lotiu was accuse under the section of National Security Act 2014 206 (B) of South Sudan panel code.  The accused is given all rights for the legal age and defend lawyer to defend himself during the preceding of the case,” said John.

He added that after the case, the two parties have reach settlement of blood compensation for the victim of the family in accordance with private right and non-customary court endures this compensation.

He revealed that the former National Security officer Robert Benjamin Lotiu was demoted from the rank of captain to private, also dismissed from national security active list. 

National Security Services Tribunal court issue verdict on the case of murder of 1st lieutenant Daniel Deng William who was killing by his colleague Captain Robert Benjamin Lotiu.

 “The murder case of this National Security Service officer is non-tribunal customary, tough and critical murder case. Now the National Security will be consistent and continue to implement justice to all the members in the service to be accountable. Today is a very significant day for National Security Services to issue such a verdict on violation of act by our officer who shot his colleagues to death.”

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