National Press Club conducts workshop on gender mainstreaming and promotion

By Lodu William Odiya

The National Press Club (NPC-SS) with the support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has conducted two days orientation workshop on gender mainstreaming and promotion of gender equality.

Peter Garang, the Executive Director for Information Commission said that people should support the promotion of gender through the media and he encouraged women to take the lead in the campaign.

 “They said if there is a successful woman, there is a man behind. So if we stood behind our women we can succeed in this campaign of promoting gender and eliminate all the evil cultures that affects our women and girls, economically, socially and in all aspects of life and let us eliminate the culture of women not accepting other women. That is the culture invested in you by men that women cannot listen to her fellow women, you join your hands and we shall support you in all aspects of your campaign,” he said.

The Executive Director urged people to transform their lives through education and civilization to promote the gender equality campaign, adding that there should be access to information in order to know what is happening to the women and girls in terms of gender equality.

However, Bullen Kenyi Yatta, the chairperson Board of Director for National Press Club (NPC-SS), said he was very impressed with the level of activeness from the participants and he believed they acquired much knowledge and as for the National Press Club, they have learnt a lot from the recommendations that were compiled.

“We should not go and sleep on the knowledge that we have acquired here rather go and take this knowledge in to practice”, he said.

On her part, Mrs. Ayaa Irene, the Chairperson of the Female Journalists Network (FJN), appreciated the National Press Club (NPC-SS) for entrusting them to facilitate the workshop and urged them to circulate the recommendations to all the stakeholders to ensure implementation.

She however advised the journalists to put in place ethics of journalism while reporting gender issues.

“We know that Gender is a very sensitive area in journalism, I would like to call upon you that whatever we have discussed let us put ethics of journalism as the first priority. That will not only promote gender equality in the media but also going to help you for your own safety as journalists”, she said.

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