National organization urges communities to shun violence

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO) a National Organization that is enlightening communities on conflict resolution and peace building in the country has called on the communities across the country to work together to shirk the violence.

Mr. Francis Wajo, Executive Director for CISPO said conflict resolution and peace building among the communities requires collective responsibility and everyone’s contributions to achieve the mission of peace in the country.

He said people need to pay attention to the issues of violence and it should be taken as a violence whether small or big, saying those small violence are the one that later growth big and create crisis.

“Violence is violence, there is no smart or good violence, and problems always arises when those small violence is not solved, especially when ones rights is denied and takes for so long it will automatically create disaster in the whole country,” Wajo stated.

He called on communities across the country to come together and work together by standing up and fight against violence as way of achieving the peace in communities as well as in the country.

“The world want very comprehensive of understanding of violence and can only be achieved if people have the complete elements of violence including concept and the theory of violence,” he added.    

He said unless people understand all the forms of violence in the society not only the violence that South Sudanese know like gender bases violence, child abuse which will not be effective like the way people see it.

He was speaking during the one day training organized by Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization for the trainers of violence yesterday in Juba.

Meanwhile, Ustaz Adelio Obur the CISPO Project Manager said people need to transform the culture of violence into the culture of peace.

We need to create the culture of peace in the community and we need to prevent the culture of violence from the community, it is better for us to be peacefully rather than violence,” Obur said. 

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